The Lowest Among Us

In challenging times (like the current CORVID19 pandemic), we are often reminded that “we are all in this together.” Truer words cannot be spoken.

How is it then that so many among us act as though this message does not apply to them? I am speaking of scammers, hoarders, pranksters and haters. Scammers sell cures they know do not prevent or cure while other scammers attempt to steal access to our bank accounts. Hoarders store as much food and toilet tissue as they can cram into their homes while denying they are doing it. Pranksters provide a phony cough or even spit in the faces of others. Haters keep attempting to play politics with the pandemic at a time where politics should be given a rest.  All of these can correctly be called the Lowest Among Us.

Happily enough, the vast majority of our citizens don’t stop at saying “we are all in this together”; these are the people who have always made the World a better place. I offer a prayer of thanks for them.

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