Experts are Everywhere

We are swamped by interviews of “experts” on cable television, podcasts and social media outlets. Who are these experts? Where do they come from? Why do the same experts seem to always appear on the same outlets?  Why do all of them have a new book to promote?

With breaking news on 24/7 from so many competing outlets, there is more and more demand for expert guests. Of course, there are performance requirements that must be demonstrated if an expert is to be invited back again. One must be able to state their opinions loudly and to talk over others. Take care to avoid being overly specific in answering questions being asked as you may later need an out.   Brush aside contradictions in positions you stated years or even just months ago; claim your comments then were “taken out of context.”  

With all this demand for experts and the need for some fresh faces, why not consider becoming an expert yourself.

What must you do to be considered an expert?

Select a topic and decide which side to take on that topic.

Have a Masters or PhD. It need not be in the area of your claimed expertise. 

Teach at some university or have once held an elected or appointed position.

Become a member of a couple of associations.

Write some quick articles or a book in your proclaimed field of expertise.

Speak in an authoritative manner at all times.

Finally, hire an agent to negotiate terms for your personal appearance.

Seek modest compensation at first. Once established as an expert demand more money.

I don’t enjoy writing cynically but my contempt for experts on either side has grown.

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