No Cell Phone for Me

During my working years, I carried and used a cell phone. That phone was with me everywhere I went. I recall taking a rare day off to visit a nature preserve. Every time that phone rang, I answered it.

When I retired, I kept using my cell phone. Soon, however, I realized that phone use using me. When it rang, I jumped. Many of those calls reminded me that my auto warranty coverage was about to expire. (It wasn’t.)

Service cost me $60/month. By placing about two calls a month, my cost per call was $30.

I watched people around me to see whether their phones brought them joy. I observed  families in restaurants. All of them would be on their phones. No smiles, no conversation, and no enjoyment of each other or the meal. No Joy!

My landline, with five phones around our home, gives me a clear signal with none of the drops, gaps and overlaps that occur as a cell phone signal bounces around seeking a tower. I never have to remember where I put my phone. It doesn’t need recharged. Finally, it doesn’t cost me over a thousand dollars to have an iPhone 13-Pro.

Clearly there are those people who really do need cell phones. In retirement, I just don’t happen to be one of those people.

My next blog? Why I quit using social media. Until then, please call me on my landline.

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