Too Much Government

Regardless of the personal political party affiliation, we should all be asking whether we have too many departments and agencies in the Federal government. Mission creep and overlap is expensive and does not efficiently serve the needs of the people they were created to serve. Taxpayers pay Federal taxes to the IRS to support these departments.

Also, we have departments and agencies in each of our fifty states that chase the same missions. Taxpayers pay State taxes to support these departments.

Counties and cities collect sales and property taxes to pay for similar departments and agencies established near our homes.

It seems possible that some of these departments and agencies have earned a budget reduction or could even be eliminated with no loss to the public. However, as the linked article below informs us, there is no sunset provision written into them.

Our children and their children will pay for these all their lives just as we have. And there will be new ones added to the list as we have seen in the past ten years or so.

Meanwhile, increases in Medicare charges and the threat of the bankruptcy of social security continue. Maybe some of the money we need for those could come from the savings of cuts in legacy departments and agencies. No! That could never work.

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