Important Sounding Words

As a writer, I feel compelled to enhance my vocabulary and then show off those enhancements in one of my blogs. So, here goes.

There are six words being used in the news all day, every day. At times, one wonders whether the commentators using them understand their definition. Politicians from both parties use them frequently. Very impressive?

Do they use these words in casual conversation when not speaking to an audience? Are they using them to sound personally brilliant?

Here are the words: Orwellian, systemic, existential, dystopia, and draconian.

Now here is my attempt to use all five in one sentence. Draconian and systemic actions are an existential Orwellian threat that border on dystopia.

I am eager to join the chorus of those using these words before they are replaced in the lexicon by other words. Had I delayed, I might have lost my opportunity to create an impression. How about that? I just used lexicon when I could have used its synonym, vocabulary. Who knew I was so erudite? Gosh, I just did it again.

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