GOODBYE to Flowers

We are within a few nights of a very sad event that occurs each autumn. We will awaken to find our gardens full of dead flowers. The arrival of a killing freeze will have occurred as we slept.  

There are those who accept this annual event more readily than I do. They will say that this happens every year and that there will be in the spring we will see them return. While I know that both of these things are true that doesn’t seem to ease the sense of loss that I feel.

The flower killing freeze comes as the hours of darkness are lengthening. On November first we will move the clocks back an hour and nighttime darkness will suddenly arrive much earlier. Outdoor daytime temperatures will continue to decline and outdoor activities will be limited. No more warm afternoons to sit on the deck of our favorite mountain top winery enjoying a glass of the latest miracle from the grapes grown there.

After a year like 2020 this is an especially difficult late autumn. Beginning in March, COVID19 had us confined to being “Safer at Home.” Every annual event held in our community was canceled. We approached each with our faces (and smiles) hidden from each other by masks.

Flowers don’t wear masks. We can see their smiles. Now they are gone. Yes, they will return next spring with their smiles brightening our lives. I am already counting the hours.

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