Daylight Savings Time

Here we go again. On Sunday November 3, 2019 at exactly 2 AM we are expected to arise from a sound sleep and move the hands on our clocks back to read 1 AM. Of course, most clocks don’t have hands these days. Things have gone digital so get out the kitchen range clock owner’s manual and start pushing buttons until you see the numbers begin to change.

The Sunday evening following the change we will be plunged into darkness before completing our evening meal. We won’t know when to go to bed and will sleep fitfully for days after the change. Some will forget to change their clocks and will be an hour late (or would that be early?) for work on Monday morning. Then, as soon as we adjust to the fall back change, we will be confounded by the spring forward change.

There are several theories as to how this life-disrupting time change was first thought to be necessary. Some say it started because school children need enough morning light to help milk the cows before going to school. I have never known a child who had to milk cows before catching the bus for school.

I have adopted a new technique that makes the time change less stressful. I am moving my clocks back three minutes each day for twenty days before the official change date. When the official change date finally arrives I don’t even notice it. Twenty days at three minutes a day equals one hour.  What I am doing is likely a violation of some law but I have always lived my life at the edge.

Maybe I just need to move to Oregon.

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