Has Your Groove Become a Rut?

 A portion of each day requires that we do the same things we did yesterday and will need to do every day in the future. We dress for the day, eat, take our supplements/prescriptions, do some picking up and light cleaning, check some news, get the mail, take a shower, brush our teeth and dress for bed.

Having a few daily tasks is unavoidable. Handled properly and efficiently, establishing a routine can help us get things done in less time than they would take if we randomly addressed them. Additional habits or hobbies can also be undertaken each day and but are not required of us. Some of our daily lives can be spent in non-productive pursuits and we need not feel guilty about them. Work on your coin collection, read another chapter in a book, phone a neighbor and watch the squirrels. These don’t have to be done but are indications that we are operating in our groove.

However, there is clearly a point at which too much of the twenty four hours may be lost to actions that lessen the quality of our lives. We stay in bed for too many hours, watch too much television, overdo the Internet, drink too much and eat when we are not even hungry. When these become a major part of our day we are no longer in a groove but find ourselves in a rut. Recognizing a rut and getting out of it is essential to living a happy and productive life.

Has your life gone from being in your groove to being in a rut? There is a way out if you choose to take it.  

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