Sports Team Cheerleaders

Reader Caution: Another of my “years ago” comparisons. Please read and consider!

It is football Saturday in America. Millions of people will be watching games in person or on television. The players are not the only people the fans will be watching.

Cheerleaders in skimpy outfits will also get attention. Does that revealing clothing honor the image of women? Do college or professional sports teams need female cheerleaders?

Cheerleading in not what it once was. My sister was a college cheerleader. Back fifty years ago, cheerleaders actually lead the crowd in loud and enthusiastic cheers. Females worn skirts almost to the knee and cheerleading sweaters. They jumped around some; for the most part they stayed on the ground and were not tossed about by the boy cheerleaders. They aroused the crowd to root for the home team.

Today the girls continue to arouse the crowd but not necessarily in a good and wholesome way. The cheering outfits of today reveal far too much. The girls are tossed about by the boy cheerleaders and touched in what were once regarded as very private places. For example, the boy will often hold the girl up over his head with one hand placed under her bottom side. Just precious!

Pompoms are flitted about endlessly but few organized cheers are called out. No more are megaphones a part of the effort.

As a society we want to have things both ways. We say we want respect for women. However, we also want to have young women take off most of their clothing. Those who ogle those nearly naked cheerleaders should consider what they are doing. Honor women or don’t. We cannot have it both ways.

On this issue, call me old fashioned, please. I will consider that to be a compliment.



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2 Responses to Sports Team Cheerleaders

  1. allenrizzi says:

    From one geezer to another – right on!


  2. Allen, Those who genuinely respect women do not want to see them in the raw.


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