Seek Information not just Affirmation

How often do you find yourself saying, “I knew that all along?”

Life is full of complex and difficult questions. Yet, there are those who seem to have answers for most of them. My brother-in-law does. He knows the answers to questions concerning immigration, drugs, climate change, birth control, the national debt and our economy.

Those who find themselves knowing the answers to difficult questions “most of the time” could be guilty of using a flawed approach to information gathering. They may repeatedly go to the same sources for information. They may seek nothing more than agreement with and support for their preexisting views and beliefs.

There is a big difference between seeking information and seeking affirmation. Affirmation provides false reassurance that can divide people with neither side listening to the other.

Personal note: The more I find myself having an answer, the more I realize that I don’t even understand the question.

About authorbillramsey

During his forty-year professional career, Bill Ramsey wrote magazine articles and business newsletters. Now retired in the mountains of western North Carolina, he writes a blog and has published four books. Bill's 2015 collection of concise, real-life essays is titled "What Do YOU Think?" He has also written "Me Now - Who Next? (The Inspiring Story of a Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery)" and "Now That I Think About It. Bill's books and are available from and on all e-readers. See Follow Bill on Facebook at
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2 Responses to Seek Information not just Affirmation

  1. I can affirm that everything you’ve said is true! 😁


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