The Lone Ranger

My boyhood western idol, the masked man, is still on television and I still watch it. The episode I just watched, “Cannonball McKay,” was from season one in 1949. Once again, my hero played a hunch and daringly prevented the dynamiting of the jail as he obtained a confession from the dishonest town doctor. All this happened in one twenty-five minute show; talk about exciting.

His horse “Silver” was the fastest horse on television with his speed enhanced when the director rolled the film faster. The Lone Ranger never rode anywhere at less than blazing speed; even if the situation didn’t call for it.  Sidekick Tonto rode along on his speedy horse, Scout.

He was a great communicator. In fact, he even talked to his horse. Silver understood what was being said. Silver often made suggestions that were acted upon by the Ranger.

The Lone Ranger never drank or smoked. He was never with a woman. His moral approach to life in the old west set him apart. He was revered by the citizens of the towns he saved from lawless elements. When he recovered the stolen money, he returned every penny to the rightful owner and never accepted any payment. He and Tonto just rode off, again at full speed, to bring more criminals to justice. As a boy, I proudly wore a Lone Ranger tee shirt.

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  1. And a Hi Yo, Silver, to you! 🙂

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