Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

My concise weekly blogs (follow them on www.authorbillramsey.com ) speak to issues that confront all of us from time to time. When writing them, there are two things that are of critical importance to me.

1) Spell words correctly and craft those words into sentences that make sense. 

2) Research the subject to get the facts right. Facts are critically important.

Fact checking is time consuming. My credibility as a blogger suffers if my fact checking resources don’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If my fact checking sources lie to me I may miss their lie and pass their lie to others.

Several times in the past I have decided to scrap a subject I had intended to write about because my fact checking efforts failed to conclusively establish the truth. If you have a solid approach to fact checking please share it.   

Some concise, critical observations concerning fact checking services are in the link below.


As Sergeant Friday used to say on the Dragnet television show from 1951 to 1959. “Just the facts, man.”

About authorbillramsey

During his forty-year professional career, Bill Ramsey wrote magazine articles and business newsletters. Now retired in the mountains of western North Carolina, he writes a blog and has published four books. Bill's 2015 collection of concise, real-life essays is titled "What Do YOU Think?" He has also written "Me Now - Who Next? (The Inspiring Story of a Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery)" and "Now That I Think About It. Bill's books and are available from Amazon.com and on all e-readers. See www.authorbillramsey.com. Follow Bill on Facebook at www.facebook.com/billramseyauthor/
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