Indifference Leads to Complacency

“Not my problem.” 

As I drove toward my favorite grocery store I saw one of their carts abandoned two blocks away. Upon entering the store I approached a clerk I knew to tell him where that cart was. His response was simple; “Not my problem.” 

I reflected on his obviously indifferent response and saw that it fit a pattern displayed in that entire store. I had been a loyal customer for years and knew many of the employees. Upon reflection, many other examples of their indifference came to mind. They were taking my loyalty for granted. Their indifference had become complacency. It was clearly time for me to take my business elsewhere and I never returned. 

Pause and answer this. Are you being taken advantage of by any person or organization? Have they grown inconsiderate and indifferent to your needs?  Are they unappreciative and increasingly complacent?

Permit me to offer a sampler set of questions.

Has your son or daughter come to expect you to drop everything to babysit your grandchild?

Does a non-profit organization just assume that you will make a dollar donation again this year?

You do youth work willingly. Does your church Sunday school, sports league or scout troop ever offer to provide you with some needed help? 

Does your political party take your vote for granted?

Do your friends or family live their lives without regard for your need to do the same?

FINALLY, what if anything, do you plan to do about it?

About authorbillramsey

During his forty-year professional career, Bill Ramsey wrote magazine articles and business newsletters. Now retired in the mountains of western North Carolina, he writes a blog and has published four books. Bill's 2015 collection of concise, real-life essays is titled "What Do YOU Think?" He has also written "Me Now - Who Next? (The Inspiring Story of a Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery)" and "Now That I Think About It. Bill's books and are available from and on all e-readers. See Follow Bill on Facebook at
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2 Responses to Indifference Leads to Complacency

  1. We recently got a pizza from a local pizzeria whose pizza we had always enjoyed. When we got it home, it was terrible. There was very little sauce, and just a small amount of cheese. My wife went back to the restaurant to complain. Her complaint fell upon indifferent ears. Sooooo….we have never gone back. We refuse to accept indifferent treatment from anyone. We adhere to the old adage: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. 🙂


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