So Easy? Streaming Television

In the early days of television (about seventy years ago) there were few choices. On our black and white receivers, we could select shows from 3 or 4 local channels. All were all free. Making viewing decisions was easy with so few choices. Television sets were expensive, so most homes had only one.

We needed rabbit ears or a tall roof top antenna to gain a signal. Out television sets were full of vacuum tubes that were housed in a large, heavy cabinet. Screens were no larger than 21 inches. Repair service was required frequently. Daily test patterns (available early before the broadcasting day began and late after the day ended) allowed for our sets to be adjusted.  During the viewing day the picture would roll over vertically or blur horizontally. We would jump up to adjust. There were no remote controls or DVRs.  

Television has changed. We can now watch on several devices like cell phones and tablets. We may have an 86-inch, flat screen television set that covers the entire wall in a room arranged for viewing from large reclining chairs. Other sets can be sprinkled around the house into bedrooms and the kitchen; no need for the family to be in the same room watching the same shows. Many of these are SMART television sets. A reader who does not own a SMART set can stop reading here. You have some catching up to do before reading about or signing up for the latest advance in television: STREAMING!

The linked article below is helpful. It clearly guides us in making life-changing decisions concerning which receivers to purchase and which streaming services to pay for. You go first. I will await your call as to what I should do about this. For now, I am content to allow others to lead the way. Please hurry in making your assessment because, like many, we may stop watching television all-together. Library books and music are free and appealing.

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During his forty-year professional career, Bill Ramsey wrote magazine articles and business newsletters. Now retired in the mountains of western North Carolina, he writes a blog and has published four books. Bill's 2015 collection of concise, real-life essays is titled "What Do YOU Think?" He has also written "Me Now - Who Next? (The Inspiring Story of a Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery)" and "Now That I Think About It. Bill's books and are available from and on all e-readers. See Follow Bill on Facebook at
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4 Responses to So Easy? Streaming Television

  1. jwilson286 says:

    And all of this confusion depends directly on the speed and continuity of our internet. Intermittent speeds lead to the likelihood of TVs suddenly leaving the second story window. Frustration, thy name is frontier.


  2. Just cut the cable and have gone to 100 % streaming with Hulu. Went from nearly $200 per month for cable to $65 per month for Hulu. I get about 85 channels, including the major networks. Add Netflix, Amazon Prime and my total monthly cost is under $100 per month. And I can watch virtually anything I want WHEN I want. I’m not spending nearly as much time in front of the “boob tube,” but at least I’m not breaking the bank either.


    • Joe, You embarrass me with your good sense. We stumble along with the AT&T BUNDLE @ a their “money saving” total of $254.87/month. Direct TV is $165 of that total. Internet and landline are the balance. I must be out of my mind. Thank you for the guidance and the courage you gave with your message.


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