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Just what is retirement?

If it means being a passive spectator of life around me, I guess my retirement will come with my last breath. I am simply having too much fun in life to stop.

​Shown in this photo is my life long buddy Tex.  He sits on the corner of my desk and provides counsel and a few tunes to my day.

During my forty-year professional career I wrote magazine articles and business newsletters. Now retired in the mountains of western North Carolina, I write a blog and have published four books.

My collection of concise, real-life essays are available in What Do You Think? and Now That I Think About It. Both of these collections are intended to stimulate readers to think about issues that we all encounter in life. As always, I have more questions about life than answers.

Me Now – Who Next? is the inspiring story of Angela Tucker who survived and faced years of recovery from one of the most horrific traumatic brain injuries ever recorded. Her story will provide encouragement to those who have suffered all forms of brain challenges.

Billy the Kid shares what his childhood was like in a small town of the nineteen fifties. So different from today; life was safe, simple and sweet. Return to those days with my story or visit them for the first time if you are less than fifty years old.

All books can be ordered on this website or Amazon.com and on all e-readers.


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