Is Life Fair?

The question as to whether or not life is fair has no answer. Yet the fairness question is often asked by those who believe they have not enjoyed a full measure of fairness in their own lives.

What might they mean by asking that question? When I have heard others express that belief, it has sounded more like a complaint about how anonymous others have consistently enjoyed an advantage in the distribution of life’s rewards than they have. Self-pity rings loudly in their comments.

Recently I came across this Condoleezza Rice quote. As you read her words, please remember that she could have given up early in life had she allowed herself to believe that life was not fair. She was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1954 when segregation was strong. She was the only child of a school teacher mother and an educator/ minister father. She made her way in spite of an obvious lack of “fairness” in her early life.

“The sooner you learn that life is not fair, the better off you’ll be, because you’ll spend less time railing against life’s unfairness and feeling aggrieved and entitled, and more time figuring out how to maximize your assets, and your talents and how to deal with things that you’re not very good at.”

Condoleezza Rice

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