Taking the Easy Way Out

When we find ourselves in a tough spot there is an understandable temptation to find an easy way out. The notion of taking the easy way is alluring. It seems to offer the prospect that we can get out and quickly forget about the spot we were in and how we got there.

There is a downside to taking an expedient and seemingly easy way; we may not learn from our prior experience and soon again find ourselves in a strikingly similar version of the same tough spot. An all too common example is seen in divorce and remarriage statistics.

That brings us to the marital problems of Larry King. He was the host of Larry King Live on CNN which ran from 1985 to 2010. His show was CNNs largest ratings hit ever. He knew how to make his television show successful. But his television success did not carry over into his seven marriages. Did Larry take the easy way out seven times through divorce?  He is 85 years will re-marry one of the seven prior wives. Maybe at last he has found the one.  www.people.com/tv/larry-king-wife-shawn-divorce

Why do we too often quit on our problems? Leaving problems unsolved means they are free to follow us through life and repeat themselves. Fixing problems works better.

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