What Day is This?

Have you ever found yourself confused about which day of the week it is? Of course you have. We all have. The difference in the past many months of this pandemic is the dramatic increase in the frequency of our confusion. It is only made worse when you ask another person and they aren’t sure either.

This confusion can cause one to believe it is Thursday when it is really Tuesday. Or maybe we think it is Tuesday when it is really Thursday. Quick, grab your cell phone or ask Alexa or Siri. They know. I just did that and was told it is actually Saturday.

Just how important is it to know what day it is? If not for an occasional appointment with your doctor or dentist, do we really need to know? Once retired (and even for some of those who work from home), many days play out like most other days. So just how important is it to know what day it is? 

Now if I could only recall what I had for breakfast. Did I even have breakfast?

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