The Little Things Matter

Here is a short list of things that can be accomplished is a few seconds but will linger for hours in the hearts of others.

Say thank you or I love you.

Mail a card to a friend in another city.

Smile at a child who needs a smile.

Compliment those who deserve a compliment.  

Wave to a neighbor as you pass.

Practice these and they will soon become automatic. Those who are given your simple and quick gift will benefit. For some, your gift of notice and appreciation may be the only gift like it that they have received in days.

As the giver of these simple gestures, you will benefit as well. You will find, on the reaction of others, the impact of your gift. Soon you will feel better about yourself and wonder why it took so long for you to adopt the practice of giving joy to others.  

There are a couple of cautions worth mentioning.

  1. Do not take these actions if they are disingenuous. You are not seeking popularity or acceptance. Being truthful in your actions is imperative.
  2. Do not necessarily expect reciprocal actions from others. It may take them time to learn these practices and begin to employ them with you and others. Some never will; sadly, for them.

Personal note: It is unusual in these blogs for me to give advice of any kind. I usually stick to inviting thought and consideration. This time I could not take that passive approach. In the World we share, simple gifts of peace and appreciation must be given to those around us

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