You Are Invited – GIANT Class Reunion

(All Schools/ All Graduation Years)

Did you miss the reunion of your high school graduating class or just want to enjoy a great evening of memorable music of the 50ties? This reunion is for you. Classmates from our 1960 class want to invite you to a special celebration. Ours was a small class of 122 graduates from the tiny town of Houston, PA. We will once again gather for our reunion dinner and listen to the music we loved then.

The talented DJs from Houston’s only radio station will play carefully selected tunes. During the broadcast we want you to text or phone   412-997-4000. Introduce yourself and let us know where you are calling from,   the name of your high school and graduation year. Join us for relaxing, free fun.

    Join the Fun at our Virtual High School Reunion  

               Event:  Reunion for All USA High School Graduates

          Invited GuestsAll who recall high school friends and music

   Hosts:  Chartiers-Houston Graduating Class of 1960

    Date/Time:   Wed. Sept 16th  6:30 to 9:30 PM E. Daylight Savings

              Place: broadcast from Houston, PA

        Program:  Three hours of great fifties music (no ads ever)

How do you get there? Just go to and click ‘listen’ on the home page and click again on the SHOUTcast screen that follows.  Then sing and dance.

Forward this invitation to your friends. Graduates from across the US will be tuning in making this the Largest Virtual High School Reunion Ever.

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