ROBO Telephone Calls

If I am to believe the robot driven calls, my life is a dangerous and disorganized hot mess. My automobile maintenance warranty is about to expire, my credit card may be cancelled, a cash award will be mine if only I provide authentication information including my social security number, a generous time-share vacation offer could be mine if I act today, and I am paying too much for my insurance.

These calls seem to peak in late afternoon and go on through the dinner hour. They are irritating and none of these unsolicited calls are helpful. Attempts to block them usually fail.

There are a few callers that I have some fun with. Recently, a live caller started by telling me that the warranty on my Ford Escape SUV had expired. I responded by informing him that “I have always been a Ford man. After trying other makes, I always returned to Ford. Dad was a Ford man, too. My first Ford was a shiny, new 1955 Ford Galaxy; now that was a good car. It was a two-tone red and white, two door sedan with whitewall tires. I maintained it and kept it clean and …” At that point, he laughed and said he knew what I was doing. I laughed with him and we said good-bye.

Giving Notice to Robo Callers: You should immediately remove our name and number from your call list because we do not and will not purchase, donate, join, subscribe, answer your poll questions, or accept any offer that comes to us by phone. EVER!

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