So Many Experts

We have all seen people who seem to know everything about something. They are introduced to the public as experts. We seem to have a lot of them these days.

Would you like to be considered an expert? Here is a list of what you must do to be invited into the circle.  

  1. Select a field that seems to have a deficiency in people currently being called experts. For the time being, there seem to be too many experts in climate change, foreign affairs, pandemics, energy, and the economy. Pick something else that seems to be trending and run with that.
  2. Obtain a degree that will show you to be a PhD, MD, or lawyer. Note that the degree need not be closely related to the field that you seek to serve as an expert. Your degree can be from any school (even one located in a small foreign country). An honorary doctorate may be sufficient.  
  3. Hire a drama coach and develop some skills for on camera appearances.
  4. Write a paper or two and get them published in any journal that will print them.
  5. Find rich sources of financial support and vow to take the side of any argument they fund you to take.  
  6. Befriend a couple of media influencers who will promote you as an expert.

This whole process can be completed in a couple of years but can yield decades of recognition.

Experts project such confident about what they say that to question them is to risk personal humiliation. Having a conversation with such people is difficult. After all, they are  experts. Just ask them.

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