Your Tee Shirt Signals Virtue

Tee Shirts with printed messages on them are seen everywhere these days. The message on your shirt tells the people you walk past a lot about you. Some who wear them may own twenty or thirty. They are priced to sell from $20 to $30 each.

Here are some examples of tee shirts selling on-line today: Real Heroes Wear Masks; Best Dad Ever; Wash Your F_ _ _ ing Hands; Believe There is Good in the World; I Was Social Distancing Before It Was Cool; No Need to Repeat Yourself – I Ignored You the First Time; Resist; This is What A Feminist Looks Like; Be Kind.

Also on sale is the ultimate tee that has all this printed on it:

Black Lives Matter   Women’s Rights Are Human Rights   No Human is Illegal   Science is Real              Love is Love         

There is no need to purchase an entire collection of tee’s. No need to be subtle with people you encounter. Save yourself some money and get to the point you intend to impress them with. At long last, one tee shirt will cover all the needs of those who want to signal their personal virtue and superiority. Wear a shirt that unabashedly says:

I Am a Better Person Than You

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