Volunteers Needed – Apply Today

A published national survey was responded to by over 650,000 people. It asked this question. “How often do you do volunteer work?”

Answers?          12% said once a week or more                                                                                    12% once a month                                                                                  16% less than once a month 60% rarely or never

I found the 60% number to be surprising and disappointing. Consider for a moment how many organizations in every community rely on volunteers for their very survival. Many of them are 100% driven by unpaid volunteers.

Here is a short list of organizations that rely on volunteers: youth sports teams, scout troops, community choral and band groups, community theaters, food pantries, community special events, literacy groups, libraries, roadside liter pick-up, garden clubs, meals on wheels, museum and art gallery docents, Sunday school teachers, public school teacher aids, welcome desks at hospitals and rehab facilities, government citizen advisory committees, community fund raising, boys and girls club after school tutors and activity directors, and senior living home visitors.

Now, consider what the quality of life in your community would be like if the top 24% (i.e. weekly or monthly) simply quit volunteering. They do burn-out and age out. They need your help, new ideas and young replacements. Don’t let your community die.

Finally, consider this handy list of reasons (excuses) for not volunteering now: too busy with my own life, don’t know how to start, too young or too old, not always in town, cannot afford to donate money, others are already doing a good job, my hobbies are all I have time for, and my personal favorite – “I plan to volunteer someday.” When is someday?”

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