Weather Channels Not to be Outdone

Suddenly, CORVID19 has shown up across the land. We are confined by government directives to “stay at home.” The weather (usually of top interest to the public) has slipped lower in life’s priorities.

Seeing a loss of viewers and advertisers, the cable weather channels have upped their promotion of alarm creating headlines. Saturday March 28, twenty-two people were slightly injured (no fatalities) by a passing tornado in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Having no more alarming stories to report, the headline on this event has been running for three days. Of course, we are in the tornado season and Arkansas sits in the heart of tornado alley.

We have already been treated to the first of the alarming headlines and stories about the approach of “hurricane season.” As in past years, we are told that this season MAY bring an above average number of damaging and death-causing hurricanes. Then again, as in past years when that alarming headline ran and damaging hurricanes did not occur, this season MAY NOT.

I don’t know about you but I can only handle so many attempts to frighten me about pending death. For now, CORVID19 is all I need.

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