Do You Fear Failure?

Many in life restrict their life experiences for fear of failure. For example, there are those who, in early childhood, avoid learning to ride a bicycle because they might fall off. The truth is that we all fall off our bicycles before we can ride them successfully. We survive those falls and enjoy the ride for years.

Fear of failure can become a habit that follows one through life. The limits fear imposes on us are self-inflicted and dramatically limiting. Many of those fears can be overcome with some coaching and courage.

There is a decided difference between singing in a community choir and singing in an exceptionally talented show choir group. It takes courage to audition for the show chorale and risk  possible failure by not being selected; not making the cut. However, if successful, blending your voice with others in a show choir performance will prove satisfying.

Make yourself a promise. Learn to ride the bicycles of life. And when you fall off, get back on and go at it again.

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