How Gonna becomes Was Gonna

What are telling your family and friends you are gonna do? Paint that bedroom, take a karate class, live on a budget, train your new puppy, go back to school and others are sure to impress your friends. You put those items into your “bucket list” only to find that your “bucket” has a hole in it. Over time, sometimes a truly brief time, your gonna turns into another was gonna.

From time to time, we make a commitment to ourselves and share it with others. The act of sharing our intentions will come back to haunt us. Our only hope is that others will forget our proclamations. With the passage of time, some will forget as they become preoccupied with their own un-achieved gonna list.

However, some will never forget what we promised. For example, our significant other will never forget or allow us to forget. In my case, my biggest gonna concerns cleaning and organizing our garage. I made that commitment and shared it in 1997. My dear wife continues to remind me of it monthly.

Of course, to bury your past you can always dredge up new gonna ideas and share those with your friends. When their eyes glaze over, you will know that your credibility is shot. Finding new friends becomes imperative. Once you have become addicted to tell others what you are gonna do, quitting that habit is akin to losing weight. Which, by the way, is another thing I am gonna do.

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